If you‘ve been injured, you should have a thorough chiropractic examination to determine if you’ve suffered nerve, neck or back damage. Often these injuries do not show up until weeks or even months after the accident.
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The impact of an auto accident can leave your body in shock for days or even weeks. Whether you were on a motorcycle or in a car, you can expect the effects to become clear over time. The initial event may trigger adrenaline that masks pain, but after this response subsides, you may find yourself in need of car accident chiropractic care. Brentwood Chiropractic offers automobile injury chiropractic services to clients in the Greater San Francisco area. We can help you make a full recovery and prevent the pain that car accidents commonly cause.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After Being in a Collision

Auto accident chiropractic can provide a number of benefits to patients. Some of the repercussions of the accident may include reduced mobility, stiffness, aches and pain. All of these are typically caused by whiplash that occurs during the accident and destabilizes the position of your spine. When this happens, manual adjustments are often needed to return it to a natural position and keep further injuries at bay. Chiropractic care after a car accident injury helps you accomplish this and reduce pain, swelling and other symptoms you have likely experienced as a result of the accident.
Driver headache after car accident — Auto Accident Chiropractor in South San Francisco, CA

We Can Help You Recover

A car accident subjects your body to physical trauma, and it can leave you with lasting injuries regardless of the accident’s severity. If you have recently endured an accident, chiropractic care can help you recover. Brentwood Chiropractic provides services to clients in the Greater Peninsula and San Francisco, and we want to help you recover. In addition to car accident chiropractic care, we provide back pain treatment. If you are ready to overcome your pain and live a full life again, reach out to us at 650-588-4000.