If you‘ve been injured, you should have a thorough chiropractic examination to determine if you’ve suffered nerve, neck or back damage. Often these injuries do not show up until weeks or even months after the accident.
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Chiropractor Treating the Entire Peninsula and San Francisco Area Patients With Neck Pain Injury

Many people deal with neck pain on a daily basis. If you find yourself constantly stretching your neck or hearing its joints crack when you do, you may be in need of neck pain chiropractic treatment. Tension in your neck may result from whiplash or any other type of injury. In some cases, it is just a result of daily exertion. The head pain and shoulder pain that often go along with it likely have you looking for relief. Brentwood Chiropractic offers chiropractor services to clients in the Greater Peninsula and San Francisco area. We can provide an adjustment routine that will alleviate your pain.

We Can Help Relieve Discomfort in the Upper and Lower Back

Back pain chiropractic treatment provides relief for pain in your upper back, lower back and spine. If you have experienced aches, stiffness or limited mobility in these areas, you could benefit from chiropractic care. Treatment works by manipulating your spine into alignment, which relieves undue tension on the muscles and tissue in the rest of your body. If you are ready to be rid of back pain once and for all, trust us to help you accomplish it through chiropractic care.
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Neck and back pain can be debilitating, and when you’ve tried every painkiller out there, it is easy to lose hope. There are other treatment options available, though, and chiropractic care provides holistic relief without the side effects of drugs. Brentwood Chiropractic offers back and neck pain treatment as well as sports injury chiropractic care, so if you are in need of relief, let us help. Learn more or schedule an appointment by calling us at 650-588-4000.