There is good reason why your mother told you repeatedly to stand up straight when you were a child. Slouching is bad for your neck and spine. If you slouch yourself out of alignment, you’ll experience headaches and back, neck and shoulder pain. Here are five ways to straighten up

1. Perform Stretching Exercises

Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. Focus on stretches that work your core and calves.

2. Walk With a Book on Your Head

Walking with a book on your head forces you to stand up straight. With practice, you’ll remember how it feels to have good posture.

3. Lean Against a Wall

Another way to get you and your muscles to remember how it feels to stand up straight is to lean against a wall regularly.

4. Tape Your Back

Affix a thick piece of tape from one shoulder to the opposite hip, the other shoulder to its opposite hip, and from shoulder to shoulder.

5. Go to a Chiropractor

With regular chiropractic treatments, the doctor can target problem areas and work on them directly to straighten your spine.

You are never too old to learn better back posture for the future, and these tips to having better back posture can help. Contact Brentwood Chiropractic and Health Center at 650-588-4000 today for a complete assessment and therapy plan.