If you‘ve been injured, you should have a thorough chiropractic examination to determine if you’ve suffered nerve, neck or back damage. Often these injuries do not show up until weeks or even months after the accident.
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"the chiropractors are very easy going and make you feel comfortable. the staff is very friendly and it has an easy going family like atmosphere. My favorite part of the therapy is the massage by katherine. She always made me want to come back and definitely helped me understand the importance of receiving all types of therapy required there in order to recover from the car accident i went through. i would refer my family there if they had card accidents because they specialize in treatment for those types of injuries."
kitty a.
"I have had back problems for over 20 years now. When I lived in SSF in the mid 90's I used to go regularly to see Dr. Hank and he did wonders for my aching back. Unfortunately I moved down to the Peninsula and it was not practical to go up to SSF for treatment. However, every time I am in the area I stop by to see Dr. Hank, and I am still getting the same great service. Yesterday my back went out again, I could hardly stand up. Since my local chiropractor is on vacation, I asked my wife drive me up to see Dr. Hank. He took me in right away, had 8 probes put on my back for 20 minutes, then put me on the strecher for about 5 minutes, had his assistant massage my back for another 5 minutes, THEN he adjusted me. I was actually able to walk out of his office without pain and I drove our car home. Reading the 2 somewhat negative reviews leaves me puzzled. Over the years I always received professional, curteous service from Brentwood Chiropractic, and amazingly, the price of the treatment hasn't increased. Whenever I am there I rarely get out under 30 minutes, the staff is great and Dr. Hank really enjoys his profession. He is not only a good chiropractor, he is a fun person to be around. While I am very happy with my local chiropractor, I stop by to see Dr. Hank whenever I am in the area."
Zoltan G.